Novice Competition Agility Class

Our Novice Competition Agility Class is for dogs and handlers who meet the General Class Requirements and who have successfully completed our Sequencing II Agility Class. It is an ongoing class that meets once a week.

In this class you will fine tune the steps you have already learned, and improve your communication with your dog. If you want to start entering agility trials with your dog this class will help you learn the ins and outs of competing in the wonderful world of canine agility. If you're not interested in competing, but want to continue to build your relationship with your dog and learn more challenging agility techniques that's okay. You'll be more than welcomed in our Novice Competition class.

The class alternates between running Novice courses and working stations. Stations are a small number of obstacles set up to teach certain techniques. Unlike our Beginner and Sequencing classes there is no set time frame for graduating from Novice Competition. The class is paid for on a month by month basis.

The more education and skills you acquire, the more fun agility is. You will be bitten by the agility bug and eager to try your hand at a trial or Fun Match.

Fun Matches are great for training and it is advised to do several before an actual trial. They are usually held the Friday night before a trial. Fun Matches have courses set up and you have 90 seconds to spend in the ring. You can do whatever you want in the ring in those 90 seconds. You are allowed to bring treats and/or toys into the ring at Fun Matches. These matches give you and your dog a chance to experience the trial atmosphere and to work in a strange place with different equipment than what you are accustomed to training on. There is a minimal charge for each run that you do in a Fun Match.

As you and your dog attend Novice Competition Agility classes our instructors will evaluate you and your dog. If you start competing with your dog at agility trials you may move up to our Advanced Competition Class when our instructors feel y'all are ready.

Contact Information

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To sign up for one of our classes please review the documents on our Student Documents page, then go to McLennan Community College - Continuing Education, and click on the desired class. One can pay to reserve one's spot in the class on that site.

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