In Memory of Lucy

By Lucy's human - Rena Bonem


Lucy had a rough start in life according to the story she told animal communicator Andrea Newborg. She escaped from a puppy mill at 10 months of age and was taken into rescue by Central Texas Dachshund Rescue in Fall 1999. She was adopted by Rena Bonem in March of 2000. A "take charge" wire dachshund, Lu would snap at mom to get her way. After receiving a bite on the nose, Mom took Lucy to obedience classes and finally at age 6, to agility training. Lucy loved agility and picked off a jumpers ribbon after only 4 months of training. However, confidence issues in the ring plagued Lucy for the next year and a half, but in January 2007, everything started to click. Lucy decided that playing agility with mom was awesome, and earned 19 titles including her Novice Versatility Award from NADAC before developing kidney disease. She lost one eye due to cancer on her optic nerve in March 2008, but continued to be very competitive at almost 10 years old. Lucy's dream was to have her own Border Collie to chase around the agility field. Her motto was "have fun and enjoy everything with your whole heart."

She passed to the Rainbow Bridge on October 20, 2010, as Bonem’s LuLu Belle, AKC CGC; NADAC Novice Versatility, Superior Novice Touch N Go and Regular Agility and Outstanding Novice Chances, Novice Weavers, Jumpers, and Tunnelers; TDAA Games III and TIAD; ASCA Novice Regular, Gamblers and Jumpers.