Event Detail

NADAC - Waco Agility Group

October 9th, 2009 - October 11th, 2009

Show Location:   Central Texas Youth Rodeo Arena
1700 Bluebonnet Pkwy.
McGregor, TX 76657
Show Contact:   Rena Bonem
4121 Gorman Ave.
Waco, TX 76710


From Dallas/Fort Worth Area: Take I-35 to the south side of Waco, exit 330 (Loop 340). Exit right and then right again onto Loop 340/Highway 6 access road and then take entrance ramp left onto Loop 340/Highway 6. Go approximately 1 mile to the Waco Drive (Highway 84) exit. Exit right. Go through the light for Franklin Avenue and turn left onto Waco Drive (Highway 84) at the second light. Stay on Highway 84 West and drive approximately 16 miles to McGregor. Once in McGregor, turn left at the blinking light at Brookshires/Conoco. Go approximately 1 mile and turn right on Bluebonnet Parkway. Go approximately 2 blocks and turn left into the parking lot for the Central Texas Youth Rodeo Arena (large metal building on left).

From Austin or Houston Area: You can take I-35 north to the south side of Waco. Take exit 330 (Loop 340) right and loop over to Loop 340/Highway 6. Then follow directions above.

Alternate Route From Austin or Houston (via Belton): Take I 35 North to exit 293A toward US-190 W / TX-317 / Killeen / FM-436 / Fort Hood. Turn Left on TX 317 and follow 317 for about 30 miles to get to McGregor. Just before you enter McGregor you will pass Dutton Drive on your right. The next left will be Bluebonnet pkwy. Turn left on Bluebonnet. Go approximately 2 blocks and turn left into the parking lot for the Central Texas Youth Rodeo Arena (large metal building on left).

***** If you use Mapquest or Yahoo Maps, Bluebonnet is labeled Johnson Drive.

Instructions for Trial Participants

Thank you for entering Waco Agility Group's October 2009 NADAC trial! This is a full trial--especially on Saturday, but we will do everything possible to keep things moving. Please be considerate of others and help us so that we can get done at a reasonable time.

A copy of your confirmation should have been sent to you, if you did not receive it, let me know. Please, please, be sure to double check NADAC numbers and runs to be sure I have them entered correctly and that the software has not given you extra runs or changed your division or level after I entered them. I did find a few extra runs when I went through everything and double checked. I have gone through every one's entries and caught several mistakes including two incorrect numbers... so let me know as soon as possible. A new version of the software is supposed to fix some of the known bugs in November, but it has some major problems right now!

New Things

There are some new things that have been added for this trial, so please read through this message carefully.
  1. Due to possible flight delays, we are starting at 5:00 on Friday and doing only 1 class of Hoopers and Touch and Go.
  2. There will be specialty high in trial awards for this trial. So far these include: rescue dog, vet dog, first trial for dog and handler, border collie, sporting dogs, 4 and 8 inch dogs, 12 inch dogs, and 16 inch dogs as well as others.
  3. For workers, we have lunch coupons for the concession stand (see below). Worker soft drinks and water are in the office.


The weather should be cool this weekend with highs in the low to mid 70's. There is a 30% chance of showers on Friday with skight chance on the weekend. We have had rain for the last 2 weeks so the grass outside may be tall.

Fall Two-Step

This is the first part of the Fall Two-Step competition with prizes and ribbons for the first 4 dogs and a full package available to the high in trial winner.

For those first place dogs, remember that you get a choice of a toy or $1 off coupons for our next trial.

Set Up

You Will be able to set up after 2:00. Check in starts at 3:00 on Friday and 7:00 to 7:30 Saturday and Sunday. Only proficient dogs, jumping 16" or less, without height cards will need to be measured. First dog will be on the line at 5:00 PM Friday and 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. The concession stand will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Run Order

This is a very large trial. Please get to the line as quickly as you can to minimize delays. Everyone will have a chance to walk courses and we will adjust the running order if need be. We will be running in alternate rings as follows. There will be flip charts to tell you what is happening in Ring 1 and Ring 2! Both rings will be the same size. Ring 1 will be the contact ring on the concession stand side and ring 2 will be the non-contact ring near the check-in table. We will be using separate entrances and exits for both rings this time to make things more smoothly. Be sure to check in at the entry gate. We will have extra gate sheets posted near the tables so you can see where you are in the dog order.

Friday afternoon: Small to Tall (with multiple walk throughs)
  • Hoopers (elite, open, then novice) in Ring 2 (ring close to office)
  • Touch N Go Ring 1 (the contact ring) (elite, open, then novice)
Saturday: Tall to Small
Two Rings Starting with Ring One (Contact Ring)
  • Novice Chances (R1)
  • Elite Jumpers (R2)
  • Open Chances (R1)
  • Open Jumpers (R2)
  • Elite Chances (R1)
  • Novice Jumpers (R2)
  • Open Regular 1 (R1)
  • Open Regular 2 (R1)
  • Elite Weavers (R2)
  • Open Weavers (R2)
  • Elite Regular 1 (R1)
  • Novice Weavers (R2)
  • Elite Regular 2 (R1)
  • Novice Tunnelers (R2)
  • Open Tunnelers (R2)
  • Novice Regular 1 (R1)
  • Elite Tunnelers (R2)
  • Novice Regular 2 (R1)
Sunday: Small to Tall
  • Elite Regular (R1)
  • Novice Tunnelers (R2)
  • Open Regular (R1)
  • Elite Tunnelers (R2)
  • Novice Regular (R1)
  • Open Tunnelers (R2)
  • Open Chances (R1)
  • Elite Jumpers (R2)
  • Novice Chances (R1)
  • Open Jumpers (R2)
  • Elite Chances (R1)
  • Novice Jumpers (R2)
  • TNG Elite, Open, Novice (Course stays the same) (R1) - Elite and Open walk, then run
  • TNG Novice (walk then run)


We appreciate all who volunteered to work and we will have drinks available for you, plus if you work 2 classes, you will get a worker coupon for up to $5 off a lunch at the concession stand as well as your $5 credit coupon for entries.

Debbie Vogel will have your assignments and we will make sure you have time to walk and run! If you did not volunteer and want to help when there is a vacancy, we always appreciate assistance! The more volunteers we have, the faster things go! Drinks will be available for workers in the office. Workers, who are not WAG members, get $5 coupons for each class worked. These will be good for any of our future trials:

  • November 27-29, 2009 with Mark Buehl as judge (premiums on table at check in or at Agilityevents.com)
  • February 12-14, 2010 with Don Cuda
  • April 9-11, 2010 with Randy Hand
  • October 8-10, 2010 with our Ed Scharringhausen
  • November 26-28, 2010 with Sunny Williams

Best of luck to every team! Run safe, clean, fast and remember to have fun with your dog!

Rena Bonem
Trial Secretary
Waco Agility Group
cell # 254-722-1858

Premium available online.

Run Order available online.