Pre-Agility Foundation Training Class

WAG is now offering a Pre-Agility Foundation Class to prepare dogs to get the most from their agility training experience. The cost of the course is $70.

During this six week class the focus will be on the following:

  • Sit and sit stay

  • Down and down stay

  • Walking on leash without pulling

  • Walking on leash in, out and around other dogs while remaining calm and displaying no agression

  • Walking off leash around obstacles

  • A strong and reliable recall to the handler

  • A "leave it" command to turn the dog's attention away from distractions and toward the handler

Acquiring these basic skills will ensure that every dog has the foundation needed to be successful in the Beginning Agility class.

Contact Information

To contact WAG for more information visit our Contacts page.

To sign up for one of our classes please review the documents on our Student Documents page, then go to McLennan Community College - Continuing Education, and click on the desired class. One can pay to reserve one's spot in the class on that site.

Visit our Class Location page for directions to our practice field.